Can Medical Marijuana Really Help Treat Glaucoma

Can Medical Marijuana Really Help Treat Glaucoma

After the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Florida, it has been used to treat numerous chronic diseases and conditions. Its legalization has seen the mushrooming of a number of Marijuana Doctors in Florida, which has made it easier for people to seek treatment.

From treating Cancer, PTSD and depression to HIV/AIDS, the uses of medical marijuana seem to be limitless. One of the most cited reasons for using medical marijuana is for the treatment of Glaucoma. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is among the reasons the federal government had once granted permission for compassionate marijuana use.

Whether medical marijuana can treat Glaucoma remains debatable. A vast number of research and studies prove that it does, in fact, treat this debilitating condition. However, there are some groups that claim that it is not sustainable for long- term use, regardless of its effectiveness.

For the purposes of this article, we shall be focusing on the topic that has been making headline among the Marijuana Doctors in Orlando Florida. Does medical marijuana treat Glaucoma?

Glaucoma and Its Connection To Medical Marijuana

Before we can explore the connection between the two, it’s imperative that we first define what Glaucoma is. Glaucoma is an eye condition that is caused by the damage of the optic nerve. Over time, the damage of the optic nerve increases. This impacts peripheral vision and ultimately causing blindness as stated by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

So, what causes the increasing damage of the optic nerve? The damage is caused by high eye- pressure, which is also referred to as the intraocular pressure or IOP.

This serious condition ranks as the top cause of blindness globally, affecting over 60 million people.

Research findings on the effectiveness of marijuana can be dated back to as early as the 1970s. These early findings found that both THC and marijuana can reduce high eye- pressure. Its use has been found to lower intraocular pressure in both glaucoma patients and normal people.

It should be noted, however, that the decrease in pressure only lasts for about three to four hours after taking marijuana. To be able to effectively treat glaucoma, high- eye pressure must be lowered for a period of 24 hours every day. This would mean that individuals using marijuana should take it more times a day to increase the effects for longer says on fort lauderdale marijuana doctor.

This, as numerous studies have shown, would impact the patient’s motor skills such as driving. Other than the side effects of using too much medical marijuana to treat glaucoma, it is highly cost- prohibitive if the patients have to increase the number of times he/she uses it. Studies have shown that marijuana also lowers blood pressure, which can only work to damage the optic nerve and increase IOP.

This is where the importance of consulting Marijuana Doctors in Florida comes in. Marijuana Doctors in Florida will be able to guide you on the proper use of the drug to avoid any further damage.

If you or someone you know is interested in seeing a marijuana doctor near you, please contact our offices or visit our website to learn more about how to qualify.

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