Can Medical Marijuana Treat Breast Cancer?

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is seen to be spreading widely in society from the past ten to twelve years. It is becoming the most common type of cancer after lung cancer in women. According to the Worldwide cancer data its contribution is 25.4% out of the total number of cancer cases diagnosed in 2018 which is a huge percentage. This clearly shows that every one out of ten women is likely to have this type of cancer.

As the prevalence of cancer is increasing & so is the research for its cure. Many synthetic medicines, as well as natural cures, have been found out for breast cancer many of which are even successful. But as the technology is advancing scientists have come to know that the DNA in the cells mutates and makes the healthy cells cancerous. These mutations can vary and this leads to different kinds of breast cancer.

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Nowadays different treatments are being proposed to prevent breast cancer which includes radiation therapy, supplements, hormonal therapy or chemotherapy. These methods are the conventionally used ones but according to a research medical marijuana is a much better cure as well as cheaper than other treatments. This research has become very beneficial for breast cancer patients and also has been seen to slow down cancer progression.

Medical marijuana not only treats the symptoms of pain but also reduces cancer cells when it combines with the cannabinoid receptors. Florida Medical Marijuana is a company which is licensed and legally accredited for registering patients for Florida medical marijuana card program. They assist their patients in every possible way to make their quality of life better. For this purpose, they have hired very intellectual and open-minded doctors who are specialists in medical marijuana.

Florida marijuana doctors are easily accessible and check you thoroughly for your signs and symptoms related to breast cancer. These physicians are licensed and certified to prescribe cannabis to the patients after examining their conditions. If there is a need they provide a certificate to the patients and she can buy medical marijuana from any pharmacy possessing it.

Medical marijuana is also being given in conjunction with other treatments in order to decrease the side effects which might then be easier to manage says one marijuana doctor in Florida. As medical marijuana has two active components naming; delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) patients feel that CBD is more helpful in breast cancer and also helps in decreasing pain symptoms. CBD is very effective in the prevention of spreading of breast cancer to other parts of the body making it malignant cancer. Although the studies are still being done as researchers do not have enough evidence about these studies. But many patients who are already being treated through medical marijuana seem to be very satisfied.

So, you can also visit Florida Medical Marijuana to discuss your cancer treatment with our certified Florida marijuana doctors and you will surely be satisfied to use this treatment as it will upgrade your quality of life for sure.

If your interested in seeing a medical marijuana doctor in Florida, please contact our offices today or visit our website for more information.

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