Can Using Medical Marijuana Help You To Lose Weight

The intake of Marijuana for weight loss is still a controversial topic with different online Marijuana doctors assuming different stance. Although it is said that anyone who smokes Marijuana, tends to eat so much junks and food because of the supposed hunger that overwhelms one but the question still remains, is this enough proof that Marijuana doesn’t aid weight loss?

Researches, surveys and studies conducted in earlier years by medical experts and marijuana doctors especially the 2011 review on two major surveys concerning the relationship that exists between Marijuana and weight loss has showed that the obesity levels of people who smoked Marijuana was relatively lower than that of those who didn’t smoke. Other surveys conducted within these years and later years support the fact that people who smoke Marijuana have low obesity rates and Body Mass Index.

Although, these surveys seem to draw the same conclusions about Marijuana and weight loss, there is still no substantial evidence and proof of the fact that smoking Marijuana aids an effective weight loss. There might be suggestive facts by Marijuana Doctors all over the internet but there is no tangible proof backing up this fact. This is mostly because of certain sentiments on the issue of eating largely due to the incessant hunger caused by Marijuana. This then makes it hard to believe that Marijuana directly leads to weight loss. However, researches have been able to uncover the cause of the hunger and large appetite. This is due to a  psychoactive compound in Marijuana known as ‘THC’, this element is responsible for making a person high and also triggers hunger thus resulting in the need to eat anything ranging from junks to food. This same psychoactive compound – ‘THC’ is also responsible for causing changes that helps regulate weight loss.

Nevertheless, Marijuana doctors have also discovered that intake of Marijuana leads to certain factors that could contribute to weight loss. One of them is the fact that Marijuana relieves stress. Marijuana could calm one’s nerve and ease one’s anxious state. This provides a great relief from stress and prevents all forms of unnecessary eating caused by anxiety which could make you gain weight.

Also, according to Marijuana doctors, people who take Marijuana have lower cholesterol levels and trimmer waistlines than people who don’t and these researches have been proven to pass the test of the age, size, etc of an individual. These are still subtle suggestions that show that there is certainly a connection between Marijuana and weight loss.

Conclusively, it has been established that the intake of Marijuana triggers hunger and thus an excessive appetite but there is no proof that this leads to weight gain after a long period of time. There has also been no tangible scientific proof that Marijuana could directly aid weight loss therefore smoking Marijuana for the aim of losing weight puts one at a risk apart from the other health risks involves in the intake of Marijuana.

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