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Everything is possible in this world. The only challenge is the varying degree of difficulty in achieving things you set your eyes on. The question of how to go about getting a medical weed card in Florida is easy although it has steps you must follow. While weed is illegal in some states in the US, the herb was legalized in Florida in the year 2016. Here is the process of acquiring a medical weed card in Florida.




The Florida laws on this matter have in place criteria you have to meet before getting a medical weed card. The first step is to be assessed by a marijuana doctors. The physician should be qualified for the assessment to be valid.

He/she should be a registered member of the State’s Cannabis Program. To be one, the doctor has to have undergone training and be certified at the end of the drill.

The doctor examining you is mandated with the authority to determine whether your health condition is fit for the acquisition of a medical weed card. As you go for your medical examination, there are a few things you need to carry with you.

You need to confirm you are a Florida resident. To do so, carry with you your identification documents. Besides, you will need your medical records with you.




After the test is done, your case will be determined. Once your eligibility is established, you will be assigned a registry I.D. You will use this I.D. number to apply for the medical weed card online.

The physician conducting the medical test on you should also have your name added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. As you do your online application, only those with their names included in this database will be deemed qualified.

It is also important to note that qualified physicians too have their names published in the Medical Marijuana Use registry. Once they put you there, you can be sure your eligibility has been confirmed.

This inclusion in the Medical Marijuana Use registry is vital. It is the only way the state can tell you are eligible to receive a medical marijuana.


Documents to submit


As mentioned earlier, there are vital documents you need to provide during application. One important identification document is a Florida driver’s license. The DL should be valid for your registration to go through. This is to prove you reside in Florida. If, you cannot provide one, there are alternatives. Your previous utility bills will suffice. The bills should be at least two months old. These are the most asked for proofs of permanent residence. Being a non-resident does not lock you out of eligibility to acquire a Florida medical weed card. Although, you also need to prove that you’ve been around for a while. So, which documents should a temporary resident provide?


Below are situations that make temporary residents of Florida eligible for the acquisition of a Florida medical card from a license mmj doctor or if you're a minor as you will need two of them to get started:


  • If you’ve spent a minimum of thirty-one consecutive days in Florida every year
  • If you own a temporary habitation in Florida
  • You are a resident of Florida who stays away from home but makes a point of visiting your home in Florida once a year


All the above different scenarios qualify one to get a Florida medical weed card. If you fall under either of the three categories, you are eligible for the card. All you need to do is follow the process above. Back to the physician. Once you are declared eligible, you will wait for a confirmation email. As you do your online application, this email will be critical. You will attach it in the application.

Other documents needed include:

  • Proof of home ownership- it may include a deed or mortgage statement
  • At least two-months old bank or financial statement from where your finances are kept, i.e. savings, investment etc.
  • Utility bills for the past one or two months
  • The state should also do you an email as proof of residence for temporary residences

To be precise, you need to reach out to your state and enqire what else would be needed. Their contact number is 800-808-9580. Ensure you provide all the documents you will be asked for.



Underage kids would also want to get a medical weed card in Florida. There are requirements too to be met. One of the qualifications is that the parent or the guardian of this parent must meet the above criteria. A minor will find challenges acquiring the Florida medical weed card if his/her parents are not eligible to get the card. That is why the parents should work hard to ensure they too are on the right side of compliance as far as a medical weed card is concerned. Once the parent meets the criteria, focus shifts back to the kid. The minor has to provide certain documents for the application to proceed. The documents include the kid’s birth certificate and parent’s driving license. In some cases, the guardian may not be the biological parent of the child. In such a situation, more documents need to be made available. One is a notarized written consent. The consent should be dated and duly signed. This is proof that the child’s card acquisition is agreed upon by the kid, the caregiver and the state.

Another critical document is a notarized Healthcare Surrogate Form. This too should be signed and dated. The third document needed is a notarized Power of the attorney. It has to be signed and dated to be valid. The dating, signing and notarization give these documents authority and validation. Without any of the three, the document will not stand.Once the above documents have been submitted, the minor in the guidance of the parent/guardian may proceed with the application. The process is the same in all the different cases. The only difference is in the eligibility test. Different situations call for different requirements. Once you pass this hurdle, the rest is simple.


The Online Application Process

No patient should be denied access to healthcare access. That is why the Florida laws are lenient to sick residents in need of medical weed. Once you are sure of your eligibility, the online process follows.


How is it done?

There are many portals through which you can apply for a medical weed. The forms are available and filling is easy. You will need to fill your personal details including your name, email, contact number, your medical condition and a personal message. Once you’ve input the above information you may go ahead and press the apply button available on the form. The application will be submitted and you will wait for feedback. Once your submission is received and reviewed, they will get back to you via email with a confirmation. Most of these application portals have their contacts on their page. You may call or message them in case you experience any challenges. Confirmation emails come back after 14-21 days. Once you have this email, you are free to purchase medical marijuana. The physical card takes longer to arrive. Give yourself between 2 and 3 months before getting the physical card. With the email print out, you are good to access services at any pharmacy. Just ensure you carry your ID with yo Call us 4076270990.


More areas in which you can receive a medical marijuana Doctors recommendation and cannabis card from the State of Florida:

Medical weed card renewal

Your Florida medical weed card expires after a year. That is why you need to renew it. Besides, your registration grants you a certification period of 210 days. Once the day count is over, you have to do a renewal.

You always need to check your date and the time left on your contract. One or two months before the expiry, use the same application process to renew your card. The charges are similar to that you used on your application.

You may wonder why this renewal is important. Once your card expires, your medicine supply will be cut short. You surely do not want to experience that lapse. That is why you need to be on the look-out. Take note of the dates and start the renewal process early enough.

Renewing your card in time will give you continuous access to medical weed. This type of medication has its own benefits. One of them is effectiveness in killing pain without causing any side effects compared to other pain depressants.

Cannabis also helps increase appetite. This helps prevent problems like weight loss and reducing strength. It also protects a patient from nausea.

Benefits of having a medical weed card

  1. Legal protection

The law enforcers will catch up with you if you do not follow the law. Attaining a medical weed card before starting to use weed medication is one way of staying out of trouble with the law enforcers. You want to avoid penalties and fines for being found in the illegal possession of weed.

Another consequence of possessing illegal weed is forceful treatment for addiction. No one wants that. Having a Florida medical weed will save you from such an embarrassment.

  1. Legal access to marijuana

No pharmacy will sell weed medicine to you without this card. That is why it is very important. The card allows you to get weed treatment from whichever chemist in the state.

Getting your weed from a dispensary is different from the one you get from peddlers. The former has passed quality assurance tests. Therefore, you can be sure of the best quality weed. The latter may sell to you the worst quality weed which may ruin your health instead of adding value.

  1. Cheaper to buy

Governments use taxes to discourage its citizens from consumption of drugs like tobacco and harmful weed. As a result, the prices go up. This happens in the push to stop people from destroying their bodies.

On the other hand, weed medicine available in dispensaries has value and is sold at a cheaper price. The medical weed card in your possession is a tool to help you easily access these medicines cheaper prices. This is beneficial because you are able to save some money. In the long run, you realize you have saved so much money to your disbelief.

  1. Health benefits

Holding a medical weed card in Florida gives you access to natural medicine. The fact that weed medicine does not expose you to side effects is a health benefit in its own.

Besides, the weed itself helps kill pain and prevent symptoms like nausea from becoming severe. There are many other health benefits you get a chance to access thanks to the medical weed card.

Disadvantages of having a medical weed card in Florida

  • It is costly to renew annually
  • It bars you from owning a commercial DL
  • No government job
  • It restricts you from owning a firearm

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  1. How much does it cost to get a medical weed card in Florida?

There is a fixed cost of $75 for application fee. In addition, you will pay varying consultancy fees depending on the physician you contact for your assessment. Besides, you will pay for the weed drugs you purchase.

  1. What is the waiting time after application before I receive my card?

Once you submit your application, you will wait for at least two weeks before receiving a confirmation mail. You may use the print out of this email to access weed services. Your medical weed card will come after at least two months.

  1. Can I use my weed medication outside Florida?

Once licensed in Florida, you are only allowed to use the medical weed card and medicine inside the state of Florida. Using them outside the state of Florida is against state law.

  1. With a weed card, am I authorized to grow weed?

The medical weed card does not give you permission to grow weed. Only authorized bodies can grow weed in Florida. The card only allows you to access weed healthcare from caregivers in Florida. It also gives you power to purchase weed medicine from dispensaries in the state. Lifestyle MD Marijuana Doctors.

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