Govern of Florida Ron Desantis signs bill allowing smokable marijuana in Florida

Govern of Florida Ron Desantis signs bill allowing smokable marijuana in Florida

The road towards legal marijuana took a magical twist when Florida’s governor approved the use of smokeable marijuana in his state. It is now legal for patients to smoke their medical marijuana after the leadership of the state made it lawful. After becoming one of the leading states to legalize medical marijuana 2 years ago, the sunshine state has done it again. Governor Ron DeSantis made it clear that he fully supported the idea of legalization. He is happy that the will of the people has prevailed, as the law goes into effect with immediate effect, according to the State Department of Health.

The marijuana doctors still require a guideline from the State Department of health. These doctors must be approved with valid licensing to run their dispensaries and sell the products. The users, on the other hand, will be allowed to possess a limit of 4 ounces but still, smoke in public if they wished. Individuals below the age of 18 are not allowed to smoke marijuana unless they are terminally ill under a doctor’s prescription. Marijuana doctors have naturally welcomed this announcement with jubilation and joy to know that they can legally operate at greater limits. Other stakeholders have offered their support for the legislation by voicing their positive remarks. For example, the State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried was quoted expressing her support for the project.

The SB 182

This is the bill that gives patients the right to obtain smokable marijuana from their doctors. DeSantis insisted that the repelling of the ban as soon as possible, or he was going to stop the state’s appeal of the ongoing lawsuit over the ban. The approval to legalize the medical use of marijuana got a 70% majority vote. However, the smokable forms were banded the following year (2017).

The state medical marijuana laws

There are no more than 10 states where recreational marijuana is legal. The proposals to legalize its use is spreading slowly but surely across the states. Today, the latest entrants are Michigan, Utah, and Missouri. The debate rages, but the winner is eminent in the end. Soon Americans will be allowed to use marijuana for different purposes. Although this is a great story, which is welcomed by enthusiasts, doctors are relieved to have found a measure of extreme pain in terminal illnesses. This solution has been tested and proven to be effective and reliable across the board. Many Florida marijuana doctors join their counterparts in confidently prescribing the alternative to pain for their patients. California’s doctors became the first to acknowledge and push for the use of marijuana

The Medical Uses

After extensive study on the effect of marijuana, it was found to have potential therapeutic abilities. In fact, their psychological effects ranging from anxiety to euphoria are responsible for its therapeutic value. The effects are undesirable for some specific patients, but prove very beneficial for others. Moreover, these effects are the main causes of complication and controversy about the general aspects of the effect of the drug. Today, many people have used to suppress the symptoms of various terminal and chronic illnesses such as; HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, and many more. For example, in early 2017, a study conducted by the National Academies of Sciences alongside other organizations reported that there was a great need to introduce marijuana to the treatment of chronic illnesses. There were at least 100 conclusions made from this extensive study, which was considered by the authorities.

State Versus Federal Laws on Marijuana

While the Federal Law remains untempered on its limitation to the use of marijuana, the state laws are changing quickly at many levels. Federal law considers marijuana an addictive substance, which is not acceptable for medical use under Schedule I substances. The use and distribution of the drug remain a violation of the Federal law to date. The Federal government has, however, been lenient on the patients by lessening the enforcement of this law in states where they have been legalized. It was not until 2013 that the U.S Department of Justice announced its intention to adjust its policy. In part, the statement acknowledged the various state laws and chose to defer the legalization laws. Although they retain the right to challenge the state laws, the Department of Justice chose to step back from this confrontation. In November, the Department of Justice made a new adjustment to the enforcement policy again. This time, they allowed the federal prosecutors to choose their priorities while enforcing the marijuana laws.

Other countries with legalized marijuana took the deal to the very top and had the supreme court allow the use of the drug. There is no interference in regional authorities too. For example, the Peru government allows cultivation and importation of medical marijuana under regulation.


The USA may be a long way from fully legalizing marijuana, but the progress is consistent. Joining other countries may take more time thanks to the complicated state laws and conservative Federal laws in place. In Florida, the doctors can now be happy to manage the pain of their terminal patients without fear, as they help them sustain their lives back to normality.

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