Medical Marijuana Certifications Fast

Medical Marijuana Cards Fast.


⇒New Patient Certification Only...$299.00

⇒Existing Patient Recertification Only...$199.00

⇒New Patient Certification & Dosing/Treatment Management...$399

⇒New Patient Certification, D/T Management  & Card Assistance...$499

⇒Medical Cannabis Dosing/Treatment Management Only... $249 - $399

(based on complexity)

⇒Follow Up Consultations, RX Refills...$99.00

(All new patient certifications include: Your medical intake, your inclusion into the Florida medical marijuana use registry, your in person visit and your first 70 day medication order)

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Address: 1131 E. Commercial Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33334


Call Us: (954) 939-0343

Our MMJ Solutions we are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Our Doctors are compassionate and knowledgeable, and are experts in the field of Medical Marijuana medicine. From beginning to end, we offer a simple and stress free experience! Our team of professionals are here to help you.

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