Does Using Marijuana Improve One’s Sex Life

Cannabis, when dosed correctly with a strain, dosage, consumption method right for you, can help us open up, both in conversation and in bed, to our partners in ways we typically hold back on. “Your inhibitions are lowered, your feel-good endorphins are activated, your cognizant function is on high alert, chances are you’re going to share with your partner and that is going to bring you closer,” Jenkins explains. A connection is crucial for good sex, and isn’t reserved for long-term relationships. Even in casual hook, -ups we’ll have better sex if we feel comfortable and connect with the person, we’re with.


How Cannabis Actually affects Sex

As marijuana legalization spreads and stigma recedes, older narratives claiming that copulation and cannabis don’t mix are falling by the wayside. Today, marijuana lube products fill internet storefronts, and there’s no end to claims that weed enhances sex, despite research that draws far more nuanced conclusions. Though it’s unclear whether cannabis goods really make sex better, bigger-picture studies suggest that the combination of sex and marijuana will have major implications for demographics and public policy.


Mary Jane Is Great for Masturbation

Who says you need a partner? Masturbation is sex, and adding marijuana to your sensual self-care routine can potentially be one of the most effective ways to enjoy the plant’s erotic properties. For Manta, stoned masturbation offers testing grounds. “I use masturbation to figure out which product is going to be best for sexy times with partners,” she says, noting that masturbation is part of her self-love, and not just for learning new strains for dates.


With cannabis, all of the same effects apply to masturbation. Lighting up calms us down and encourages creativity. It helps us be present so we can focus on ourselves. Topicals relieve pain and not just in our genital region. If we expand masturbation to include all erotic touch, we can use cannabis topicals for a pain-relieving massage, just as we can use inhalation and edibles to open up to ourselves. “You’re opening up that cognitive function and those feel-good emotions. Maybe there are some things that you need to rectify within your own heart and self,” Jenkins says. “There’s no better way than to use the endogenous cannabinoid system and get in touch with you. Literally and figuratively.”


How Weed Can Make Sex More Creative

If you’re feeling in a rut sexually, or feel too lazy to have sex even though you want to, cannabis can help. THC is activating, which is why it can cause anxiety if you take too much, but when taken at the right levels for your tolerance, it can help us focus, get active, and burst with creativity. These effects are why researchers are looking into cannabis as an ADD/ADHD treatment. Sex and relationship coach and Can asexual creator Ashley Manta got into cannabis during grad school, and it’s now a regular part of her sex life. She says it helps her keep sex creative. “Cannabis can really help you think outside the box. When you’re looking at a problem and you can’t figure it out, it helps you come at it from a new direction,” Manta shares. This creative problem solving can help you try new things in bed such as a kink or sex toy rather than fall back in your usual routine (and is why so many artists adore cannabis).


There’s been little research on how marijuana affects sexual function. But a new analysis of the studies that do exist—some dating back to the 1970s—found marijuana has positive effects on libido, orgasm, and sexual pleasure. The research was published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, for any more information on this topic please check out your closet medical marijuana Doctor near you.


Dating Partners

Studies agree that marijuana boosts sexual pleasure and is associated with prolonged or more intense orgasms. One study found that frequent but not daily marijuana use was associated with increased sexual pleasure in 70% of users. Women who regularly used marijuana before sex were more than twice as likely to report satisfactory orgasms.

When it comes to libido, it may depend on how much you smoke. One study found that a low dose of marijuana—about one joint—was sexually stimulating, but higher doses were inhibiting.

Multiple neurotransmitters and hormones play a role in sexual excitation and inhibition, though it’s unclear how cannabinoids affect these systems. Additional research is needed to help understand these mechanisms better and how marijuana can help restore sexual function.

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