About Lifestyle Marijuana Doctors

About Lifestyle Marijuana Doctors

Lifestyle Marijuana Doctors - www.FloridasMMJ.com is dedicated to improving the quality of life through natural and safe alternative therapeutic options while attempting to avoid undesirable side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. We connect our clients with medical professionals that can assist and guide them on a path to wellness through alternative methods using medical marijuana. We will help you navigate through every step of the process, from finding a doctor to submitting your application to the Department of Health. Many people, with a wide range of backgrounds, find relief with the use of medical marijuana for their debilitating medical conditions. We pride ourselves on being open minded and compassionate to make it as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

About Us

At FloridasMMJ.com our company’s primary business is getting patients registered with the state of Florida's medical marijuana program. We have direct relationships with intelligent and open minded doctors specializing in medical marijuana. The process to see the doctor and apply for your medical marijuana card is quick and easy and takes just 10 minutes to complete. When you leave our offices, you will have everything you need to purchase your medicine at participating medical marijuana dispensaries.


Patients wishing to obtain a medical marijuana card from FloridasMMJ.com must first make an effort to understand the process involved. Many questions a patient has can be easily answered with a visit to the Florida Department of Public Health website. Submitting an application is the first step in obtaining a medical marijuana registry identification card also known as a marijuana license from the Department of Public Health and this must be done by any person wishing to possess marijuana for medical use. The response time for submitting an application can vary depending on the situation and rejections will usually take four to six weeks. For a new card or a renewal card, the process can take four to five months. Changes to a card or obtaining a replacement card may take four to six months.


How Do I Apply For A Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Any person who is in the process of applying for a Florida medical marijuana card should be sure to keep a copy of their application documentation, including proof of the mailing date or other transmission of delivery to the state with them at all times. In the event that a person is questioned by a law official for possessing cannabis, this documentation may be presented as proof that the person is in the process of applying for a card. This will be given the same legal effect as a MMJ registry card until the patient receives notice that an application has been approved or denied.

Applicants should also keep in mind that it is necessary to send in an application for renewal of a Florida medical marijuana card no sooner than 60 days before the expiration date on their card. Therefore patients should seek out a medical marijuana doctor practicing in Florida advance. Any applications that are received prior to this date will be considered a duplicate application and the state will require an additional fee when renewing within the accepted time frame.


When a MMJ patient is sending a payment in to the medical marijuana registry, the payment must be dated within the prior twelve months of the date of the application submission. Any payments that are sent that do not fit this requirement will cause an application to be returned for a new payment. All payments made to the medical marijuana registry are non-refundable and are deposited within two weeks of the application submission. Patients will have 60 days to fully correct and return any rejected applications from the date of the application rejection. If an application is returned after the given 60 day window, an additional payment will be required. Paying close attention to these guidelines will save the patient a lot of time and extra money spent trying to correct issues later.


When considering the subject of indigence regarding a Florida medical marihuana cards, doctors, dispensaries in the State of Florida. Applicants may show supplemental social security (SSI) or food stamps as proof of indigent status. However, the state will not consider Medicaid, Medicare, SSDI or any other program besides SSI or food stamps. The state will require those with SSI status to submit a copy of the SSI award complete on SSI letterhead. Those with food stamps will be required to submit a copy of their food stamp eligibility determination letter. Following these guidelines closely from beginning to end will ensure that the process of applying for a medical marijuana license in Florida will be a smooth and easy process.


There is an initial application process coupled with a physician certification that must be completed before the application can be sent in.  Only a MD or DO licensed to practice medicine in the state of Florida can sign this form for you.  Lifestyle MD - Marijuana Doctors are all qualified to recommend patients for this application process.  The registry must receive your completed application within 60 days of the physician’s signature.


Contact Us for the specific documents required to complete a medical marijuana card application, our friendly staff will inform you of what you need to bring in to expedite the process.


During the waiting process after your application has been submitted, state law says: See Compassionate Use Act - Awaiting updated Amendment #2 law.