Medical Marijuana for Chronic Low Back Pain

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Low Back Pain

The health benefits of medical marijuana have become evident. Many prominent medical experts have come out in support of the plant in the treatment of different conditions.


Firstly, what is chronic low back pain? Chronic low back pain is defined as pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer, even after an initial injury or underlying cause of acute low back pain has been treated. About 20 percent of people affected by acute low back pain develop chronic low back pain, but in other cases, pain persists despite medical and surgical treatment.

In this article, we are going to talk about medical marijuana for chronic low back pain that you can enjoy if you have a medical prescription. The marijuana plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids and each of them has a different effect on the patient’s body. With the latest researches that count for the health benefits of marijuana, its popularity has gained over the stigmas linked to weed.

As far as pain is concerned, the Americans for Safe Access Foundation (ASAF) reports that taking a combination of cannabinoids yields more pain control than taking THC alone. ASAF also claimed that cannabis has at least two roles to play in the management of chronic pain, including neck and back pain.

First, it can relieve the pain itself – either alone or in combination with other pain-relieving drugs. And secondly, it can control nausea associated with long-term and alot with taking opioids, a narcotic pain reliever.

The plant’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities have been effective in the treatment of a wide range of conditions and illnesses including migraines, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The effects of cannabis are much more powerful than those of regular pain relievers such as aspirin. The medication can help to reduce dependence on most opiate-based drugs that tend to have highly addictive qualities. However, a medical marijuana prescription with a significant component of CBD may be helpful for your chronic back pain.

It is quite important to note that cannabinoids, endo and phyto, participate in retrograde signaling. It serves as inhibitory feedback mechanism that tells other neurotransmitters to cool it when they are firing too fast. When tickled by THC or its endogenous cousins, cannabinoid receptors trigger a cascade of biochemical changes on a cellular level that puts the brakes on excessive physiological activity.

To cut the long story short, if more research is carried out, we may come to know about a lot of other benefits of this herb as well. However, we don’t recommend that you smoke or use this herb in any form without a valid medical prescription or consulting a marijuana doctor. Smoking is nit the healthiest way to get cannabinoids into you though.

To get more information about using medical marijuana, you can consult a Florida marijuana doctor by contacting us today or visiting out get started page now.

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