Recent updates in the Florida Medical Marijuana Program

The Florida Department of Health is, and has been putting all the efforts to make sure that the families in Florida remain safe and good health. They have been making sure that the families are able to get access to low-THC cannabis along with medical marijuana to help the people maintain a healthy life. The Florida Health department has constantly been working on the requirements in Amendment 2 and those which have been set by Florida Legislation in section 381.986.

To being able to get the access of the low-THC cannabis or marijuana, the patient is first diagnosed and then the qualified physician can enter the patient to the Medical Marijuana Registry. When the patient is added to the registry, the processing of the application of the ID card of the patient can take place. The application process is fast because it can be followed online. The patients receive an email when their when their application is added to the registry and then they can fill out the form so that their ID card can be processed and printed.

The medical marijuana registry is basically a record of the patients, the qualified doctors, the amount of low-THC cannabis or marijuana prescribed. The real time information is available online to the patients, law enforcement and even to the MMTC staff. The patients can apply for the ID card online with the help of the registry they have been entered to.

Recently, by March 13, 2020, the following updates have taken place. Once the health department officials receive the complete information of the patients along with the payment of the fee, they start processing the qualified patient’s ID card so that it easier to help them get access to low-THC cannabis or marijuana. The application is completed within the period of five days and then additional five days are needed for the printing of the ID of each patient. Up till now, the number of qualified patients is 325,868. However, the number of qualified doctors or physicians is 2,538.

For a doctor or a physician to be qualified for ordering low-THC cannabis or marijuana, the physician or doctor must have an unrestricted license. The license is under chapter 458, F.S. When it comes to osteopathic physician then the license is under chapter 459. Along with that, the doctors or physicians must take a 2-hour long exam to be able to fully qualify for the license and for being able to order marijuana.

The Health department of Florida is also responsible for the regulation of the medical marijuana treatment centers MMTCs. The MMTCs are the only businesses which are allowed to cultivate and process low-THC marijuana or cannabis.

The process of licensure of each MMTC is pretty extensive. Once the MMTCs get the initial licensure, they have three more steps to follow to have proper permission. They have to receive authorization at the cultivation level, so they can cultivate cannabis, they also have to receive authorization at the processing level so they can process the cannabis and lastly, they need authorization for the dispensing level so they are able to dispense the low-THC cannabis and marijuana products.

The MMTCs are also responsible for dispensing the right product to the patients at the specified and approved dispensing locations. The marijuana or cannabis is dispensed to the patients or the caregivers in the prescribed amount by the MMTCs. Medical marijuana is dispensed in a special way, it is dispensed in mgs of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while the low-THC cannabis is dispensed in mgs with low cannabidiol also known as CBD.

Every location in Florida has a specified number of dispensing locations from where the qualified patients can pick up low-THC marijuana or cannabis. You will even see that there are quite a few places where there is no dispensing location so you will have to pick up the prescribed amount of low-THC cannabis or marijuana from the specified location.

The law enforcement, qualified doctors or physicians and even the patients are aware of the process followed by the MMTCs staff to provide the patients with the prescribed amount of low-THC marijuana and cannabis. Once you are diagnosed, you can apply for the ID card.

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