What Are Some of The Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Treat

While marijuana is federally illegal, each state has implemented different laws which allow medical marijuana to be consumed for a broad range of conditions and disorders. These states offer a relatively identical list, which shows that the doctor’s guidelines are focused on the availability of medical proof and clinical studies that demonstrate good effects regarding each condition. The marijuana doctors near you can help you with these conditions and treatment.


Medical marijuana can be used for treating the following conditions:

  1. Insomnia  

The National Academies classify clinical evidence for enough sleep on marijuana as “moderate” in individuals with medical problems that overlap with sleep. But it doesn’t decelerate older people. More than 1 in 3 individuals attempted to sleep in a study; 86% claimed it worked. By connecting into cannabinoid receptors in neurons, THC and CBD could be able to function together for enough sleep, at least in the short term, in those with insomnia due to sleep apnea, discomfort, fibromyalgia, depression and multiple sclerosis.


  1. Cancer

Medical marijuana is used to cure cancer, which is one of the most devastating conditions, has a significant death rate. It does not treat disease but serves to reduce the intensity while increasing the quality of life of the individual and the healing cycle. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemical compounds that are found in cannabis also increase a person’s appetite. That, in effect, reduces weight loss, nausea, and anorexia (from medicine or therapies such as chemotherapy). It also tends to minimise cachexia, fatigue, and waste of the body because of the extreme chronic illness. They are both growing symptoms of cancer.


  1. Spinal Cord Injuries and Diseases

Spinal fractures are often very severe. Besides, they usually disturb motor skills which may contribute to irreversible loss of control of some regions of the body. According to studies by the Oxford Centre for Enablement, medicinal marijuana relieves pain and enhances the neurogenic symptoms of the individual.


Some of the spinal problems are caused due to several diseases like spinal stenosis, syringomyelia, and spina bifida. Cannabis-based drugs provide clinical and comforting relief to those suffering from these diseases. That is because it tends to relieve stress and muscle spasms that are reasonable indications of spine-related conditions.


  1. HIV/ AIDS

There is currently no effective vaccine for HIV / AIDS. It is real, though, that there are treatments that extend the lives of people living with HIV / AIDS. Unfortunately, though, the side effects can be very extreme. That is where medicinal recommendations of marijuana help. Authoritative research indicated that a significant number of HIV / AIDS patients reported progress after beginning medicinal cannabis therapy. Such recorded changes range from decreased muscle pain/anxiety/nausea to weight loss reduction.


  1. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a condition targeting the brain and spinal cord. Health problems vary in nature and intensity, which usually involve spasms, discomfort, tingling, balancing issues, visual difficulties, and more. Studies have found that cannabis-based medicinal products can significantly decrease spasticity and suffering correlated with multiple sclerosis while causing minimal harmful effects on patients. You need to visit medical marijuana doctors near you to get the treatment of these severe diseases with marijuana. Let us know about the effects of using marijuana in the comment section if you are already using it for these conditions.

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